Victron Energy MPPT WireBox

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Note: MPPT is not included!!! 

The MPPT WireBox provides an extra level of safety and protection for your Victron MPPT solar charge controllers, and is particularly useful if your MPPT Solar Charger is installed in a general access area. It covers all DC terminals, preventing accidental or inquisitive contact with terminal screws.

There are different WireBoxes for MPPT Tr models and the MC4 models; check your model before you order. There are various sizes available:

      • MPPT WireBox-S 75-10/15
      • MPPT WireBox-S 100-15
      • MPPT WireBox-S 100-20
      • MPPT WireBox-M 100-30/50 & 150/35
      • MPPT WireBox-L Tr 150-45/60/70 & 250-60/70
      • MPPT WireBox-L MC4 150-70 & 250/70 VE.Can
      • MPPT WireBox-XL Tr 150-100 VE.Can
      • MPPT WireBox-XL MC4 150-85/100 & 250-85/100 VE.Can

Quick installation guides Victron MPPT Wireboxes:
MPPT WireBox-S 75-10_15 (Rev 00)
MPPT WireBox-S 100_15 (Rev 00)
MPPT WireBox-S 100_20 (Rev 00)
MPPT Wire Box-M (Rev 00)
MPPT Wire Box-L Tr (Rev 00)
MPPT Wire Box-XL Tr (Rev 00)
MPPT Wire Box-L-MC4  (Rev 00)
MPPT Wire Box-XL-MC4 (Rev 00)