Please refer to the following documents for detailed SunStore policies:

Terms & Conditions
Privacy Policy
Returns Policy

1. Orders

1.1. How do I place an order?

You can only place an order by registering on our website and selecting items that you would like to purchase. We will collect your order information in line with our Privacy Policy, and we assure the utmost care in dealing with your information. After placing an order, you will receive the order confirmation from SunStore. If you opt to pay through an EFT (details at check-out), you will be required to pay within three working days, otherwise your order will be cancelled automatically.

1.2. Can I cancel an order?

You can cancel an order at any time if you have not yet paid for the goods. If you have already paid for the goods, you can still cancel an order provided the goods have not been handed over to the courier yet. This cancellation is, however, subject to a 5% handling fee on the total invoice. The fee is to cover for the reversal of all processing (including settlement fees) up to that point. Once the Goods are delivered, you may return the Goods only in accordance with the Returns Policy which you can access by clicking here: SunStore Returns Policy.

1.3. Why did you cancel my order?

Under circumstances where a supplier is unable to provide stock – even after putting it on pre-order – SunStore will have no option but to cancel an order. In that case, you will be given a full refund.

1.4. Can I change my order?

You can always change your order if you have not paid for it. This may mean that you cancel an existing order (if not paid for) and after that create a new one. If you would like to buy additional items, you can place a new order. If you would like to change an order that is already paid for and that is not yet delivered, you will need to do a cancellation. This cancellation will follow a normal order cancellation process, i.e. it will attract a 5% handling fee on the total invoice to cover for the reversal of all processing to that point. After delivery of the Goods, you may return the Goods only in accordance with the Returns Policy which you can access by clicking here: SunStore Returns Policy.

2. Shipping

2.1 Can I collect my order?

SunStore is an online business and does not have facilities such as parking to accommodate collections. However, if the order is urgent, you can collect from our warehouse but strictly with prior arrangement. All deliveries will be done via a reputable courier company.

2.2. Why is my delivery split?

It will often be necessary to deliver goods in more than one consignment as goods will originate from different suppliers. You will be provided with waybills for each shipment, and as far as possible, Sunstore will assist with the tracking.

3. Products & Services

3.1. What is a pre-order?

Under certain circumstances, some items are not readily available from the supplier. In that case, you can buy the item, pay for it and wait for the time the item is back on order. This ensures that you are first in line to receive the item when it becomes available. SunStore will deliver the item once it is in stock provided the price, model and functionality remains the same. If the new product varies widely from what was ordered, the order may be cancelled, and you will be given your full refund.

3.2. How long does it take for SunStore to fulfil a pre-order?

This will depend on the item and the supplier. However, after 30 days on pre-order, you are entitled to a full refund if you cancel the order.

3.3. I would like to buy a kit; can I make minor changes to it?

Yes, you can modify a solar kit, but this will mean that you will be provided with a specific quotation.

4. Installations

4.1. Can SunStore do installations?

Yes, SunStore does installations. This service is targeted to customers who might not have the time or the skill to find an installer and this service is mainly applicable to customers living within a 50km radius of Johannesburg and Pretoria, although we collaborate with a wide network of partners and can do installations elsewhere as well.

4.2. Is the quoted kit price all that I am going to pay?

This depends. Sunstore “fully installed kits” assume that installations will require minimal customisation. We will always be in close communication with you in case there are factors that would require customisation. Factors that may necessitate additional cost for installations include:

  • The quality of the wiring in the property (e.g. within the Distribution Board (DB) which may require a rewiring (normal separation of non-essential and essential loads is included);
  • Longer than typical distances between the DB board, the roof and the solar components;
  • Extra work for installing cables, e.g. digging trenches;
  • The condition of the roof and accessibility for the installation team
  • Orientation of the roof (sections), e.g. multiple charge controllers might be need for different orientations, and
  • Any other issues that might appear.
4.3. When should I expect the installation to start?

As soon as you have ordered your kit, Sunstore will contact you for a telephonic assessment of your requirements and, if necessary, arrange for a site visit. In most instances, you may be required to complete a questionnaire and send photos of your roof, DB board and area where the components are going to be installed.

The installation will start as soon as you have paid 80% deposit and a contract is signed. Once the components are in stock, the installation team is ready to install within two weeks, which will be confirmed with you.

4.4. Will the installation fee cover all the installation costs?

Generally, no two installations are the same – but the installation cost includes:

  • Key components – inverter, solar panels, charge controllers and batteries;
  • Consumables (cabling, combiner boxes, switches, fuses, etc.);
  • Solar panel mounting kit and trunking;
  • Labour (up to 3 days, depending on the size of kit selected);
  • Commissioning, and
  • Certificate of Completion (CoC)

The qualified installation technician will do a final assessment before the start of the installation and will indicate if there any jobs that must be quoted separately.

4.5. What warranties and guarantees come with the installation?

You can click the following link for details on Sunstore’s workmanship and product warranties. In summary, the warranty covers defects in workmanship of a solar PV or back-up system installed by Amperion Energy (Pty) Ltd (“Sunstore”) and is valid for one year after installation.

Product Warranties are given by the manufacturers on the key components of the Solar PV systems, including Solar Panels (10-year product warranty and a 25-year performance warranty), Victron inverters (5 years from the date of purchase by the end-user, with a possible extension to 10 years during purchase) and I-G3N batteries (10-year, 4000 cycles at 80% DoD).

4.6. Can the installers install nationwide?

Currently, Sunstore can only install within a 50km radius of Johannesburg and Pretoria at this stage. There are plans to expand the coverage gradually, and we can try to find reputable installers elsewhere.

4.7. Can I request that the installation be cancelled and get a refund?

As with any normal ordering process, you can change the order, as long as you have not paid for it. If you have already paid for it and it is not delivered, you will need to follow a normal order cancellation process. The cancellation will attract a 5% handling fee on the total invoice to cover for the reversal of all processing to that point.

5. Delivery

5.1. What are my delivery options?

Orders can be delivered by courier only – there is no option to collect items from our premises and the cost to deliver items to you is included in the total price (within South Africa). However, if an order is urgent, you can collect from our warehouse but strictly with prior arrangement.

5.2. When do can I expect my consignment?

Delivery times vary – but in general, delivery to the main centres takes about three working days. In outlying areas, including farms, mines and plots within the main centres, the delivery may take up to 10 days.

You will be provided with a tracking number of your consignment as soon as it is allocated.

5.3. Can you ship outside South Africa?

Yes – but for orders outside of South Africa, please send an email to sales@sunstore.com so you can be assisted.

5.4. What happens if I discover that my shipment is missing some items?

Please send an email to admin@sunstore.co.za so the error can be fixed. This may mean a return or a refund and if the error is on SunStore’s side- it will be rectified at no cost to you.