EcoFlow Delta 2 - Portable Power Station

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The EcoFlow Delta  2 is a powerful, rugged and portable power station including a 1800 W inverter and a 1260 Wh battery, weighing only 14 kg. The Delta's features:

- Lithium battery 1024Wh
- inverter - to AC and DC power - 1800 W
- MPPT charge controller for solar panels
- Dedicated fast-charging component
- Can be used as a dedicated UPS for e.g. your computer

Charge from 0%-80% within 1 hour: EcoFlow patent X-Stream Technology empowers EcoFlow DELTA to recharge at 10 times the speed of most battery powered stations in the market.

The large inverter load makes DELTA a power station for home appliances and heavy-duty DIY tools under 1800W (3300W Surge, Pure Sine Wave) with 1024Wh capacity.

EcoFlow DELTA can be fully recharged by solar panels in about 4 hours, and fully charged through a 12/24V car port < 10 hours.

EcoFlow DELTA fits with every port you’ll ever need to power any devices anywhere, so you will always feel right at home.

Using your EcoFlow Delta for the first time:

There is a variety of AC plugs, USB, and car charger outlets; in total there are 13 outlets. The display shows exactly how much energy is used (outgoing power) and generated (incoming power) and how much energy can still be used.
The EcoFlow Delta is easy to use, requires no set up, is flexible and can be used anytime and anywhere, in particular for:

- Emergency supply at home during load shedding
- As a power supply on holiday and during camping
- Portable power supply outdoors, e.g. using power tools
- Portable UPS solution for e.g. your computer

Key features:


  • Capacity:                                      1024Wh
  • Total Outlets:                               15
  • AC Output:                                  1800W total (surge 2700W)
  • AC Charging:                               1200W
  • Battery Chemistry:                       LFP
  • X-Boost Output:                          2200W
  • Mobile App:                                  ✓
  • Dimension (cm):                          40 x 21.1 x 28.1cm:                       
  • Net Weight (kg):                          12kg
  • Mobile App:                                  ✓


  • Car Charging Input:                      12V/24V, 8A


  • AC Output:                                   1800W total (surge 2700W)
  • Number of AC Outlets:                 6
  • Number of USB-A Output:           2
  • Number of USB-C Output:           2
  • Total Outlets:                                15


What's in the box

  • DELTA 2
  • AC Charging Cable
  • Car Charging Cable
  • DC5521 to DC5525 Cable
  • User Manual & Warranty Card

EcoFlow delta capacity and capability Portable Power Station

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