Geyserworx Solar PV Hot Water Controller

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The GeyserWorx Controller is used in GeyserWorx' hot water systems. The system utilizes a dedicated solar PV array to heat water in your existing geyser during the day. It uses micro-processors to feed the heating element with DC voltage directly. During the day, the solar PV will heat your water to 70 C. AC power will be used during times when the Solar Power is not sufficient to keep your water at all times above 55 C. This will:

        • Ensure you always have hot water;
        • Save on your current electricity bill (between 30% to 50%);
        • Reduce the load on your current solar installation;
        • Give you all the control over your hot water through an App on your phone.

Available models:
- Single Controller for Single Geysers
- Dual Controller for Dual Geysers

Solar PV array needed:

Geyser size: PV Power needed (Wp)
(Single & Dual)
50-100 litres 975
150-200 litres 1,300
250 litres 1,625
300 litres 1,950

Additional advantages of the Geyserworx system are:

        • No plumbing needed
        • WiFi connectivity included
        • Full control through the app
        • Set your desired temperature for different times of the week
        • Easy switching to "holiday" mode when less hot water is needed
        • Use existing geyser
        • No need for batteries
        • Available in three different colours
        • Customised colours on request
        • SANS 10400-AX2-compliant
        • Warranty: 24 months on the controller

GeyserWorx allows you to control your geyser remotely through the GeyserWorx App available for Android or Apple iOS.

    Optional extras (contact us):

    - Thermostat
    - Drip Tray Sensor
    - IP65 Weather-proof Enclosure

    Geyserworx was established in South Africa in 2013 by Systems Automation & Management Pty Ltd (SAM).

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