Victron Cerbo GX, Cerbo-S, MK2

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This product must be installed by a qualified electrician/technician. All installations must adhere to local wiring regulations and standards. Amperion - SunStore will not be liable for product malfunctions as a result of incorrectly installed systems.

This Victron Cerbo GX, the Cerbo-S GX and the Cerbo GX MK2 (the MK2 is the latest model) communication centres allow you to always have perfect control over your system from wherever you are. Simply connect through the Victron Remote Management portal or access directly using the separate Victron GX Touch Screen 50 or 70, an MFD or the Victron Connect app, thanks to its added Bluetooth capability. This product in the GX range combines all the best of connectivity, redefining smart power solutions in every way. You also have the option to connect any other screen to the HDMI and USB ports.

There are three versions of the Cerbo GX:

      • The 'S' version, the Victron Cerbo-S GX, has most of the functionality of the full version, but some of the comms ports are removed for a simplified solution, where temperature sensors and tank level sensors are not required. It has only one VE.Can port (note this is a significant limitation when using a BMS-managed lithium battery).
      • The 'normal' Cerbo GX with a single VE.Can port and a BMS-Can port.
      • The new Cerbo GX MK2 with two VE.Can ports, VE.Can 1 (isolated) and VE.Can 2, this model is required for specific uses when 2 VE.Can ports are required; for most users, the normal Cerbo GX is sufficient.

Video: introducing the Cerbo GX



Perfect monitoring & control

Instantly monitor the battery state of charge, power consumption, and power harvest from PV, generator, and mains, or check tank levels and temperature measurements. Easily control the shore power input current limit, (auto)start/stop generator(s) or change any setting to optimise the system. Follow up on alerts, perform diagnostic checks and resolve challenges remotely. The Cerbo GX turns any power challenge into an effortless experience.


 Video: unboxing the Cerbo GX & GX Touch 50 screen

Maximise your system performance
The Cerbo GX maximises the performance of your system's components in real-time and keeps them in perfect tune. With its Dual-Core Processor and the addition of an extra CAN-bus port you can now support even bigger systems; closely follow managed (lithium) batteries while the second port can support up to 25 simultaneously connected VE.Can solar chargers. The new NMEA 2000-out support has the GX easily integrated into any boat network. Four tank- and four temperature ports, as well as 3 VE.Direct ports, 3 USB ports, 4 digital inputs and 2 relays allow you to expand control to a new level. Maximising systems performance was never this easy.

Expand your view
The (optional) GX Touch 50 and 70 display allows you to have an instant overview of your system and adjust settings in the blink of an eye. Its super-slim 5-inch / 7-inch waterproof design, top-mountable setup and its simple installation bring a lot of flexibility when creating a crisp and clean dashboard.

Simple mounting and configuration.

Optional accessories:

Battery Temperature SensorVictron Temperature Sensor MultiPlus


DIN35 Adapter

Victron DIN35 Adapter for Cerbo GX


GX Touch Screen 50 or 70

Victron GX Touch 50 Screen for Cerbo GX


Touch GX Protection Cover

Victron GX Touch 50 70 Protection Covers


Wall Mount GX Touch
Victron GX Touch 50 70 Wall Mount
Touch 50 CCGX Adapter
GX Touch 50 Adapter for CCGX cut-out


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