Victron Anti-Islanding Relay UFR1001E

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This product must be installed by a qualified electrician/technician. All installations must adhere to local wiring regulations and standards. Amperion - SunStore will not be held liable for any product malfunctions as a result of incorrectly installed systems.

This product is compliant with NRS 097-2-1
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This Ziehl anti-islanding relay is needed to get 
NRS approval for your installation, in case you use inverters not compliant with NRS.

The Ziehl Voltage and Frequency Anti-Islanding Relay UFR1001E monitors voltage and frequency in plants for own generation of electricity. 

The UFR1001E is a dual-channel device and thus one-fault-proof. The function of the output relays and of the connected switches can be monitored with feedback contacts. When a connected switch does not switch off, the UFR does not switch on again. When a switch does not switch on, it makes two restarts and thus improves the availability of the monitored plant.

Technical Details:

      • Under and overvoltage monitoring 15…520 V
      • Measuring phase-neutral or phase-phase
      • Monitoring of under- and over- frequency 45…65 Hz
      • Monitoring of quality of voltage (10-minutes-average)
      • Monitoring of vector shift 2…65°
      • Monitoring of rate of change of frequency (ROCOF, df/dt) 0,100...5,000 Hz/s
      • Monitoring of zero voltage U0 (ANSI 59v0)
      • Passive anti-islanding protection acc. to ch. 6.5.3 and app. D2

    South Africa certificate:
    Certificate of conformity NRS 097-2-1:2010 1.0

    For more information, see below datasheet and manual.

    View Data Sheet Victron Anti-Islanding Relay UFR1001E
    View Manual Anti-Islanding Relay UFR1001E (Rev 12-'22)