Panels, Parallel, Series -

How you wire your panels impacts the performance of your system, and determines the choice of inverter and charge controller. First, let's remember that: W = V x A. The important difference between wiring panels in series or in parallel is that it affects the voltage and amperage of the resultant circuit. In a series circuit, you sum the voltage of each panel to get the overall voltage of the array. However, the amperage of the overall circuit stays the...

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Batteries, Parallel, Series -

  At the heart of any solar PV system sits the battery bank; the battery bank can be either a single or multiple batteries connected to each other. Batteries are connected to each other in order to increase:- the battery voltage (in Volts, V), or- the battery capacity (in Ampere hours, Ah), or- both capacity and voltage.(Power = Volts x Ampere, or W = V x A). You can connect batteries either in series or in parallel. The following happens when batteries...

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